This page presents the features and menus for a Merry eCard App screen by screen. The examples are taken from Merry eCard Winter's Magic. Colors will vary, when you have one of the other eCard Apps. Please note, that these instructions only apply to Apps based on the Merry eCard engine V2.0.

Main Screen

Top Menu

  • Add New Card
  • About Information
  • Printing
  • Sharing
  • Drawing (iPad only)

On the left side you see the cover of the card. This is the front side of the resulting printed or e-mailed card. The cover always has a theme image. This image is either picked from the built-in images or you can load your pictures from the photo library on your device. Use the 'Theme or Color Selection' button to do that. On the right side you see the inlay of the card. This is the page on the inside of the resulting card.

Archive Selection

  • Rename Card
  • Remove Card

At the bottom you see your archive. Tapping the 'x' will remove the selected card. Tapping the lower part of the selected image will bring up a rename dialog. Tapping a not-selected card will open that one for editing.

Cover and Inlay Menus

The menus will appear on the left side of the cover image or on the right side of the inlay, when cover or inlay is selected.

  • Effect Editor
  • Theme or Color Selection
  • Add Text

You can add text and apply effects to both the cover and the inlay. All available effects are applicable for the cover, but only relevant effects are available for the inlay. The “Theme or Color Selection” button is used to set the background color for the inlay.

Text Menu

The text menu at the bottom of the screen will appear when a text block is selected and only change the selected text.

  • Text Color
  • Font
  • Left Align
  • Right Align
  • Center Align
  • Text Size

Text can be edited by tapping on a text block. The maximum visible size of a text block can be changed by dragging the four corners. Tapping the upper left corner of the text block will remove the text. You can selected among different text blocks, when more than one text block is added to the cover or inlay.

Archive Button

This button is in the bottom left corner, when enlarging the inlay or the cover image. Tapping the archive button brings back the archive.

Printing Screen

Top Menu

  • Save Settings and Leave to Main Screen
  • Discard Settings and Leave to Main Screen
  • Print to PDF and Send E-Mail

Printing and Setup

'Print Cover' and 'Print Inlay' will print the front and the back side of the card. Use 'Select A4 or US Letter' to change the paper format and select 'Portrait' or 'Landscape' to make best use of the paper. Select an envelope to constrain the card size according to the selected envelope size or choose 'Fit To Size' to use the maximum available space.

Sharing Screen

Top Menu

  • Back to Main Screen
  • Send E-Mail
  • Share on Facebook

Side Menu

  • Classic Card
  • Playful
  • Cover Only
  • Background

Use the side menu to select the general layout. A background image is available for playful and cover only. When you are satisfied with your choices, you can tap the e-mail or Facebook buttons.



Effects Screen

Effects are only available in the Merry eCard Apps, not in the Magical and Art series.

Top Menu

  • Back to Main Screen
  • Remove All Filters/Effects
  • Save Image to Photo Library

On the left side you can choose a new effect to be added. When an effect has been selected, you can use the bottom menu to select effect colors and intensity. These two item are not available for all effects.


Each layer represents one effect. You can drag the currently selected layer up and down to change the order in which the effects are applied. Imagine, that the original image is at the bottom of the layer stack. Then the effects are added one by one from bottom to top. You can remove a layer using the 'x' button. Furthermore, you can select a previously added layer and adjust the settings for that effect. There are 5 layers available in total.




Drawing is only available on the iPad.

Top Menu

  • Save and Back to Main Screen
  • Cancel and Back to Main Screen
  • Clean the Drawing Completely
  • Select Color
  • Undo Last Stroke
  • Stroke Preview
  • Pen Width Slider